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Top Livestock Awards

Top Livestock Awards
For the first time during the 104th Pendleton Round-Up we gave out livestock awards to the top bareback horse, saddlebronc horse, bucking bull, calf roping horse, heading horse, heeling horse, steer wrestling horse, steer roping horse, and top barrel horse. The awards are decided by votes from the contestants and the judges scores. The Pendleton Round-Up celebrates the indomitable spirit of the livestock and the men and women who ride them. These magnificent animals compete on our historic grass arena with hearts of champions and thrill us in the performances. 
2014 Top Livestock Award Winners 
Top Bareback Horse-   Unfortunate Karma from Calgary Stampede
 Top Saddlebronc Horse-  Robin Hood from Sankey Pro Rodeo 
Top Bucking Bull-  Ol Red from Burch Rodeo Co.
Top Calf Roping Horse-  Riley Pruitt 
Top Heading Horse- Jake Stanley
Top Heeling Horse- Patrick Smith
Top Steer Wrestling Horse- Cody Kroul 
Top Steer Roping Horse-  Jason Evans  
Top Barrel Horse- Christy Loflin  

Century Team Roping Champions

Photo Credits to Catching Violet Photography

Photo Credits to Catching Violet Photography 
Congratulations to our 2014 Century Team Roping Champions: 
Header Rawley Stanley and Heeler Jeff Geick
This year's Buckle Sponsors are:
Header- United Finance Company (Pictured Cyndy Zamudio)
Heeler- Mike Becker General Contract, Inc./ Bar V Cattle Co. (Not picture Mike Becker)