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Thursday Afternoon Performance

World's best pursue top prizes at Round-Up


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Pendleton, Oregon 9/11/14—Cody DeMoss rode the symbol of Pendleton’s famous Round-Up rodeo, a bucking bronc, to first place on Thursday and first place in the overall standings with a score of 85 after two days of the four-day competition for the world’s most accomplished cowboys. The 33-year-old native of Heflin, LA is currently number 10 in the world standings in the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association).

Nearly 800 rodeo professionals have descended on the eastern Oregon town of Pendleton for the biggest annual event in this part of the world, attracting over 50,000 people to enjoy the sport and the culture of rodeo. The rodeo gallops to a finish on Saturday when the champions of eight PRCA events are awarded cash and championship saddles. The competitor with the most winnings will take the title of All Around Cowboy.

DeMoss is followed in the overall standings by two perennial competitors at the Round-Up, Jake Wright, 25, Milford, UT in second with 82, and Taos Muncy, whose 81 puts him third. Muncy, 27, Corona, NM, is the current PRCA world leader in the saddle bronc event with $106,370 in earnings, not counting what he’s accumulating this week in Pendleton. Wright is a member of an accomplished Utah rodeo family and two of his brothers and one of his nephews are in the top 12 overall in saddle bronc at this week’s Round-Up. Jake Wright won the Round-Up’s saddle bronc championship last year. He went on to take second at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in December, the premier rodeo event that provides the sport with its world champions.

There are five PRCA sanctioned timed events at the Round-Up, tie-down roping, team roping, steer roping, steer wrestling and barrel racing, the last a speed competition and the Round-Up’s only PRCA event for women.

Tie-down Roping

In the first timed event at Thursday’s Round-Up, tie-down roping, local favorite Brad Goodrich of nearby Hermiston, OR, captured first by capturing his calf in 10 seconds, followed by 1/10th of a second by Sam Levine’s time of 10.1. Levine is from Wolf Creek, MT. The 46-year-old Goodrich has competed professionally since 1987, earning over $1.2 million in cash prizes and qualifying six times for the NFR. He last won the tie-down championship in Pendleton in 2008 where he also won the All Around award in 2004.

Leaders in the overall standings for tie-down, with times for two events, through Thursday, are Riley Pruitt, 22, Gering, NE, 20.1, and last year’s event winner, Roger Nonella, 27, Klamath Falls, OR, 20.6, Landon McClaugherty, 34, Tilden, TX, 20.6, Fred Whitfield, 47, 20.8, Hockley, TX, and Sam Levine, 20.9.

Bareback Riding

Tilden Hooper and Austin Foss tied for first Thursday in the bareback event, both scoring 81. In bucking events the score is divided by the judges between the animal and the rider. Riders who do well commonly commend their horses. Foss received 45/36 for rider/horse, while Hooper received 39/42. Either way, it’s an 81 for the contestant.

Asked about his ride today, Foss said he’d never ridden his horse, Soap Bubbles, before. “But the horse came out and had a great day. I was doing my job, letting him roll and he did great.”

Foss, 22, Terrebonne, OR, is a local favorite who competed for Pendleton’s Blue Mountain Community College before turning pro in 2012. He currently is third in the event’s world rankings, with nearly $110,000 in 2014 winnings, not far behind another local favorite, #2 Steven Peebles, 25, of Redmond,OR, with $121,000 for the year. Peebles is also competing in this year’s Round-Up, in an attempt to keep the champion title he won here last year. Foss has won 14 rodeos so far in 2014.

Foss made clear he is focused on a national championship. He described the trips to Las Vegas for the NFR as feeling “like I just left there and it’s time to go back. But you got to just stay positive, stay in the gym and keep your body in good shape and you’ll be all right. Hopefully, I’ll have a world championship. That’s what we hope for.”

In the overall event rankings through Thursday, Hooper and Foss are tied with Tim O’Connell, 22, Zwingle, IA, who won on Wednesday, also with an 81 score. O’Connell last year won the PRCA Bareback rider rookie of the year award. Right behind the three in the overall standings is veteran competitor Will Lowe, with a score of 80. The 31-year-old Lowe joined the PRCA in 2001 and has over $2.2 million in winnings and three world titles, finishing in third place in the 2013 world standings. He won the bareback event here at the Round-Up in 2006 and 2008.

Steer wrestling

Unlike the roping events, steer wrestlers don’t toss a rope to capture a steer, instead they throw their bodies from the horse as they grab the steer’s horns, hoping to land in the perfect position to turn and tie the steer’s legs. Unfortunately perfection is often elusive. Of Thursday’s 12 contestants, six failed to catch the steer. But of the rest, one had a remarkable 3.8-second time to take first. The winner was Casey Martin, Sulphur Springs, LA, who just last week celebrated his 33rd birthday. In 12 years of professional rodeoing Martin has earned nearly $700,000 in prize money and finished 4th last year in the event’s world standings.

Martin won this event at the Round-Up in 2008 and 2010.

In the overall standings, with times for two events, the leaders are: Curtis Cassidy, 35, Donalda, AB, 13.3, Beau Clark, 32, Belgrade, MT, 13.5, Tanner Milan, 31, Cochrane, AB, 13.5, Chance Howard, 23, Cedarville, AR, 14.1, Tony Currin, Dayton, WA, 14.2. Currin won this event at the Round-Up in 1987 and 1989.

Team Roping

Team roping is the only Round-Up event where two competitors team up to win the event. The rules require the header to catch a galloping steer by its head, usually around the horns, and turn it. The header’s partner, the heeler, ropes the steer’s hind feet and they pull the steer tight to ensure it’s caught. If one partner successfully lassos the steer but the other misses there’s no time. Catching only one foot adds a 5-second penalty.

Manny Egusquiza Jr./Martin Lucero took first on Thursday with a 5.0 second finish. They were followed by Kaleb Driggers/Patrick Smith, 6.6, and Daniel Rice/Andy Holcomb, 7.3.

Egusquiza, 36, Madison, GA, is an 18-year rodeo professional with nearly $200,000 in cash prize winnings. 2014 has been one of his most successful years ever, with 9 rodeos won. His father competed in PRCA rodeos and got Manny involved early. He switched from heeling to heading in 2011.

Lucero, 46, Stephenville, TX, has 23 years of professional competition under his belt with $1.7 million in prize money and finished 11th in last year’s world standings in this event. He has qualified for 16 NFR events and last year won nearly $50,000 after finishing 9th in the NFR.

Driggers, 24, Albany, GA, began his professional career in 2009 and has already accumulated nearly $600,000 in cash awards, with three qualifications for the NFR. He finished 4th in the world standings last year. His partner, Smith, 34, Lipan, TX, finished 5th in the 2013 world standings, has competed professionally since 2003 and won over $1.5 million, with two world titles in 2005 and 2010. He was the PRCA 2003 Team Roping (Heeling) Rookie of the Year.

Bull Riding

Of 17 bull riders who focused on an 8-second ride Thursday, four managed to finish for a score. That’s bull riding. Pendleton’s East Oregonian newspaper recently noted that a bull weighs as much as seven NFL defensive linemen. Only recently have bull riders begun to regularly wear helmets and other protective gear. But it’s still one of the most challenging events in any sport.

Clayton Foltyn scored 81 Thursday, followed by Cody Campbell, 78, Jeff Bertus 76, and Jordan Wacey Spears, 72. For the other 13 riders it was no score.

Foltyn, 29, El Campo, TX, won last year’s bull riding championship at the Pendleton Round-Up and finished 17th in world standings. In a 10-year professional career he has earned nearly $700,000 in prize money. In his first year, 2004, he was chosen as the PRCA Overall, All-Around and Bull Riding Rookie of the Year. He claims his dad, who raises bulls for rodeos, as his rodeo idol.

In the overall standings, Dallee Mason, 26, Weiser, ID, with 87 on Wednesday, is first, followed by Clayton Savage, 28, Yoder, WY, with 85, Sage Steele Kimsey, 20, Strong City, OK, 82, and Foltyn at 81. Kimzey is having an outstanding rookie year, ranked the number one PRCA rookie with $127,887 in winnings.

Barrel Racing

Pamela Capper, 51, Cheney, WA, ranked 20th in the world standings and second in the Columbia River circuit with over $50,000 in prize money this year, took first in this women’s event, with a time of 28.48 seconds. That also put her first in the overall standings, just ahead of Christy Loflin, 40, at 28.54. Capper finished second in the overall standings last year at the Round-Up. Loflin has won the championship in this event at the last two Pendleton Round-Ups. Second on Thursday was Callahan Crossley, 28.94, followed by Jody Sheffield, 31, Ogden, UT, 29.0. Sheffield was the Round-Up’s 2010 champion in barrel racing. Crossley is 8th in the Round-Up’s overall standings, Sheffield is tied for 10th.

Of the group, Loflin at 12th ranks highest in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association standings, with nearly $72,000 in 2014 winnings.

Steer Roping
In the final timed event, Chris Glover, 54, Keensburg, CO, took first in steer roping with a time of 14.7 seconds, followed by Ralph Williams, 56, Skiatook, OK, 15.2, and Jim Ward, Pendleton, OR, 17.3. They were the only three of 12 competitors to catch their steer.

In the overall standings for steer roping, based on the aggregate time for two events, Rocky Patterson, 48, Pratt, KS, leads with 26.5, followed by Jason Evans, 44, Huntsville, TX, 27.3, Chance Kelton, 39, Mayer, AZ, 31.7, Brady Garten, 32, Claremore, OK, 32.3 and J.D. Yates, 54, Pueblo, CO, 32.4.

Patterson finished second in the world in the event last year and in a 22-year professional career has won over $1 million in prize money.

The Queen and her court greet the South Grandstand. Photo by Bob Click.
Indian Relay Racers. A long time Roundup favorite. Photo by Bob Click


Contestant Name


Ryan Gray70.0
Morgan WildeNTO
Mason Clements79.0
Ethan McNeillDR
Denny PhippsO
Tilden Hooper81.0
Justin McDaniel78.0
Brian BainO
David PeeblesO
Kelly Wardell76.0
Steven PeeblesO
Teddy AthanO
Zack BrownO
Cody Kiser69.0
Austin Foss81.0
Kash WilsonO
Joel Schlegel69.0
Jerad SchlegelO
George R Gillespie IVDR
Joe Wilson59.0
Tyler NelsonDR
Tucker ZinggO

Bareback Leaders

1  Tim O'Connell 81.0
1  Tilden Hooper 81.0
1  Austin Foss 81.0
4  Will Lowe 80.0
5 Caleb Bennett 79.0
5  Mason Clements 79.0
7  Justin McDaniel 78.0
8  Nick Gutzwiler 76.0
8  Kelly Wardell 76.0
10 Winn Ratliff 75.0
10  Kaycee Feild 75.0
10  R.C. Landingham 75.0
10  Jessy Davis 75.0

Tie Down Roping

Contestant NameTime
Josh Peek0.0
Billy Bob Brown0.0
Jade Lyon14.2
Dane Kissack0.0
Kass Kayser0.0
Seth Hopper20.3
K.C. Miller0.0
Jordan Weaver0.0
Russell Cardoza0.0
Sam Levine10.1
Brad Goodrich10.0
Steve Hoffman0.0

Tie Down Rroping Leaders

Aggregate Place/Name/Time on 2
1 Riley Pruitt 20.1/2
2 Roger Nonella 20.6/2
2 Landon McClaugherty 20.6/2
4 Fred Whitfield 20.8/2
5 Sam Levine 20.9/2
6 Cimarron Boardman 21.0/2
7 Trevor Brazile 21.2/2
8 Tuf Cooper 21.3/2
9 Reese Riemer 21.6/2
10 Shane Hanchey 22.2/2
10 Matt Shiozawa 22.2/2
12 Jake Hannum 22.5/2

Saddle Bronc Results

Contestant NameSore
Cody Wright77.0
John RedigNTO
Spencer Wright79.0
Brady Nicholes75.0
Roy Johnson78.0
Cody DeMoss85.0
Heith Allan DeMoss75.0
Ty Kirkland74.0
Doug AldridgeO
Sam Harper63.0
Cole StremlerDR
Joe Harper70.0
Chad Ferley72.0
Jeff Willert79.0
Bryce MillerO
Jake Wright82.0
Jesse Wright72.0
CoBurn Bradshaw78.0

Saddle Bronc Leaders


1  Cody DeMoss 85.0
2  Jake Wright 82.0
3  Taos Muncy 81.0
3  Tyrell Smith 81.0
5  Spencer Wright 79.0
5  Jeff Willert 79.0
7  Roy Johnson 78.0
7  CoBurn Bradshaw 78.0
9  Will Smith 77.0
9  Rusty Wright 77.0
9  Dustin Flundra 77.0
9  Jacobs Crawley 77.0
9  Cody Wright 77.0

Steer Wresstling

Contestant NameTime
Sean Santucci6.8
Wyatt Smith8.8
Tait Kvistad5.7
Christian Radabaugh7.5
Greg Schaffeld0.0
Guy Smith0.0
Beau Lewis0.0
Jacob Talley0.0
Cody Kroul6.8
Casey Martin3.8
B.J. Taruscio0.0
Travis Taruscio0.0

Steer Wrestling Leaders


Aggregate Place/Nam/Time on 2
1 Curtis Cassidy 13.3/2
2 Beau Clark 13.5/2
2 Tanner Milan 13.5/2
4 Chance E Howard 14.1/2
5 Tony Currin 14.2/2
6 Nick Guy 14.7/2
7 Josh Peek 15.2/2
8 Austin Tyler Woods 15.4/2
9 Clayton Hass 15.5/2
10 Patrick Flory 16.1/2
11 Tom Lewis 16.3/2
12 Jule Hazen 16.5/2

Team Roping

Contestant NameTime
Manny Egusquiza Jr./Martin Lucero5.0
Spencer Mitchell/Russell Cardoza0.0
Jess Tierney/Ryan Zurcher0.0
Sean Santucci/Christian Radabaugh0.0
Kolton Schmidt/Justin Davis0.0
Daniel Rice/Andy Holcomb7.3
Jason Duby/Taylor J Duby0.0
Turtle Powell/Dakota Kirchenschlager10.6
J.D. Yates/Jay Wadhams16.3
Kaleb Driggers/Patrick Smith6.6
Randon Adams/Matt Zancanella0.0
Dustin Bird/Paul Eaves15.6

Team Ropingg Leaders

Aggregate Place/Name/Time on 2
1.     Brady Tryan/Tommy Zuniga 11.6/2
2.     Kaleb Driggers/ Patrick Smith 13.1/2
3.     Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill 13.3/2
4/5/6.  Adam Rose/Chad Williams 13.4/2
4/5/6.  Jake Stanley/Bucky Campbell 13.4/2
4/5/6.  Brooks Dahozy/Casey Cummins 13.4/2
7. Jack Fischer/Jason Minor 14.0/2
8. Jake Cooper/Tyler McKnight 14.4/2
9. Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll 14.5/2
10/11/12. Daniel Rice/Andy Holcomb 15.1/2
10/11/12. . Levi Simpson/Ryon Tittel 15.1/2
10/11/12. Josi Young/Jake Rodriguez 15.1/2

Bull Ridingg


Contestant Name Score
Zeb LanhamO
Bart MillerO
Mike SparksO
Colby ReillyO
Allen HelmuthO
Jeff Bertus76.0
Jesse KardosO
Parker BredingO
Brett StallO
Tanner BothwellO
Reid BarkerO
Beau SchroederO
Clayton Foltyn81.0
Cody Campbell79.0
Dustin BowenO
Dylan VickO
Jordan Wacey Spears72.0


Bull Riding Leaders

1  Dallee Mason 87.0
2  Clayton Savage 85.0
3  Sage Steele Kimzey 82.0
4  Clayton Foltyn 81.0
5  Elliot Jacoby 80.0
6  Roscoe Jarboe 79.0
6  Cody Campbell 79.0
8  Jeff Bertus 76.0
9  Josh Koschel 74.0
10 Chandler Bownds 73.0
11 Jordan Wacey Spears 72.0

Barrel Racing

Contestant Nametime
Pamela Capper28.48
Cheyenne Allan30.17
Trisha Wirth29.99
Jade Crossley34.88
Callahan Crossley28.94
Ann Scott31.17
Tanya GranforsDR
Jody Sheffield29.00
Jeni HayesVR
Rose Miller-Jones38.66
Brenda Mays30.66
Stevie Rae Willis29.38

Barrel Raing Leaders

Aggregate Place/Name/Time
1 Pamela Capper 28.48/1
2 Christy Loflin 28.54/1
3 Kirstin Parvin 28.66/1
4 Kim Schulze 28.74/1
5 Kimmie Wall 28.77/1
6 Jerita Belyea 28.80/1
7 Cindy Woods 28.82/1
8 Callahan Crossley 28.94/1
9 Victoria Williams 28.95/1
10 Jody Sheffield 29.00/1
10 Jana Bean 29.00/1
12 Shelly Anzick 29.26/1

Steer Ropingg

Contestant NameTime
Randy Mekelburg0.0
Gib Bell0.0
Cord Hodge0.0
Jim Ward17.3
Russell Cardoza0.0
Chris Glover14.7
Rod Hartness0.0
Roger Branch0.0
Ralph Williams15.2
Steve Hurn0.0
Tom Sorey0.0
Dakota Kirchenschlager0.0

Steer Ropingg Leaders

Aggregate Place/Name/Total on 2
1 Rocky Patterson 26.5/2
2 Jason Evans 27.3/2
3 Chance Kelton 31.7/2
4 Brady Garten 32.3/2
5 J.D. Yates 32.4/2
6 Martin Poindexter 32.9/2
7 Jarrett Blessing 33.7/2
8 Tuf Cooper 34.3/2
9 Erich Rogers 35.0/2
10 John Casey 35.7/2
11 Jim Ward 37.3/2
12 Brodie Poppino 39.1/2
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