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Tuesday Slack September 12th, 2017

J.C. Malone of Plain City, UT wins the first round of the Tie Down Roping. Bob Click photo

In the second day of slack at the 107th Pendleton Round-Up, over 300 cowboys were signed up to compete for a spot in the rodeo, which begins on Wednesday for a four-day run, ending on Saturday with the finals for those who remain. On Tuesday only 148 were able to show a time in four timed events and of those, many fell too low to make it into the big show itself.

Slack is rodeo’s version of the playoffs. Like most major rodeos the Round-Up has more competitors seeking spots in the rodeo than will fit into the four days of the official rodeo, Wednesday-Saturday. So “slack” allows every hopeful an opportunity to try out, with the best times making it into the rodeo. Once the rodeo begins on Wednesday, the eliminations continue, with only the top competitors making it into Saturday’s finals.

Because the Round-Up is one of the last major rodeos in the annual season, and because Round-Up winnings can help project a competitor into the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, held in December in Las Vegas, this event becomes critical to those cowboys and cowgirls on the edge of making the cut.

Tuesday saw the first go-round for three events: tie-down roping, team roping and steer wrestling. For steer roping, which had its first go-round on Monday, the eliminations continued, with 47 steer ropers signed up for the Tuesday event and only 11 capturing a time. Like the other timed events steer roping comes down to how fast the cowboy can finish the event, in this case by roping his steer during a quick dash down the Round-Up’s unusual grass infield.

One cowboy who said he loves competing at Pendleton, even likes coming off the dirt track to hit the grass, was Cody Cabral, a Hilo, Hawaii cowboy who grew up cowboying on the Big Island, came to the region to compete at Walla Walla Community College and captured the steer wrestling top time Tuesday, in 5.3 seconds. Steer wrestling requires a controlled fall from a galloping horse onto an equally speedy steer, bringing the steer to an abrupt halt with the cowboy’s boot heels, then flipping a couple hundred pounds of beef. Many cowboys do not like the grass at Pendleton, which they say can cause the horse to slip.

Cabral was followed by Nick Guy, Sparta, WI, and Kody Dollery, Caldwell, TX, both with times of 5.7 seconds. All won several thousand dollars on Tuesday and will continue to compete in the Round-Up this week for a larger share of the steer wrestling event’s $63,000 purse.

Money is critical because it is the measurement by which cowboys gain entry into the world series of rodeo, the Wrangler National Finals.

Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, UT, the 2015 barrel racing champion at the Round-Up, finished first in the barrel racing go-round on Monday but notes that she’s not quite there when it comes to qualifying for the NFR.

“We really appreciate the money that Pendleton offers us barrel racers because it will help put us into the top 15 and we need a little bit of cash right now. We’ve had a great year but I’m sitting just outside the top 15,” said Wall. The NFR accepts only the top 15 money winners from the rodeo season in each of the NFR’s events. Wall made it into last year’s NFR and according to the prorodeo website is currently ranked 15th in the world standings with nearly $52,000 in winnings this year.

Although nearly 100 women entered this year’s barrel racing event, only 12 will compete in Saturday’s finals.

The rodeo begins at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday in Pendleton.


Go round 1 Payout Tie Down Roping

Place Contestant Name Time Payout
1 J.C. Malone 8.5 $3,597.33
2 Tuf Cooper 8.7 $3,128.11
3 Hunter Herrin 9.6 $2,658.89
4 Shane Hanchey 9.9 $2,189.68
5/6 Jake Pratt 10.3 $1,485.85
5/6 Chad Finley 10.3 $1,485.85
7 Justin Smith 10.6 $782.02
8 Jordan Ketscher 10.7 $312.81

Tie Down Roping

Contestant Name Time
Roger Nonella 12.4
Ryan Opie 0.0
Ty Hedrick 17.9
Dakota W Eldridge 0.0
Jason Duby 16.5
Taylor Santos 14.3
Curtis Cassidy 10.9
Jason Minor 20.5
Kass Kayser 0.0
K.C. Miller 12.3
Seth Hopper 13.7
Jordan Ketscher 10.7
Logan Bird NTO
Josh Peek 15.6
Kyle Lucas 0.0
Blair Burk 0.0
J.C. Malone 8.5
Ringo Robinson 12.3
Russell Cardoza 0.0
Vin Fisher Jr. 0.0
Thomas Merritt 0.0
Jared Parke 11.6
Ryan Jarrett 0.0
Trell Etbauer DR
Doyle Hoskins 11.8
Matt Shiozawa 12.9
Reese Riemer 19.7
Ace Slone 10.8
Clay Schricker 10.9
Ty Rumford 12.2
Ty Holly 0.0
Michael Pederson 0.0
Stetson Vest 12.2
Erich Rogers 13.0
Austin Barstow 17.1
Scott Kormos DR
Jason Schaffer 16.6
Tim Pharr DR
Cory Solomon 0.0
Riley Pruitt 22.2
Alwin Bouchard 0.0
Brad Goodrich 12.3
Jesse Clark NTO
Shane Erickson 11.6
Justin Smith 10.6
Cimarron Boardman 0.0
Cooper Martin 12.6
Jake Pratt 10.3
Steve Hoffman 0.0
Joe Hoffman 15.0
Hank Hollenbeck 0.0
Ryle Smith NTO
Garrett Hale 0.0
Cade Swor 0.0
Cody Quaney 11.5
Quay Howard 0.0
Bryson Sechrist 14.7
Hunter Herrin 9.6
Trevor Brazile 21.8
Tyler Milligan 0.0
Shank Edwards 0.0
Timber Moore NTO
Lane Livingston 10.8
Nathan Steinberg 10.8
Morgan Grant 11.1
Chad Finley 10.3
Chase Williams 0.0
Westyn Hughes 32.9
Shane Hanchey 9.9
Tuf Cooper 8.7
Cody Cabral of Hilo, HI wins the first round of the Steer Wrestling. Bob Click photo

Steer Wrestling Go round 1 Payout

Place Contestant Name Time Payout
1 Cody Cabral 5.3 $3,848.75
2/3 Nick Guy 5.7 $3,095.73
2/3 Kody Dollery 5.7 $3,095.73
4 John Green 6.5 $2,342.72
5/6 Josh Peek 6.6 $1,589.69
5/6 Cameron Monnan 6.6 $1,589.69
7 Colin Wolfe 6.8 $836.68
8 Dirk Tavenner 7.1 $312.81

Steer Wrestling

Contestant Name Time
Sam Mackenzie 18.4
Brandon Mackenzie 0.0
Andy Weldon 11.6
Sean Santucci 8.4
Ory James Lemmons 9.3
Colin Wolfe 6.8
John Green 6.5
Chance Gartner 12.9
Jesse Brown 13.0
Ryan Opie 0.0
John Henry Franzen DR
Dakota W Eldridge 0.0
Jordan Holland 0.0
Jabe Anderson III 0.0
Christian Radabaugh 14.9
Brandon Christensen 11.1
Dane Browning 8.1
Miles Switzer 0.0
Coltin J Hill 7.8
Miguel Garcia 15.7
Riley Krassin 8.4
Ross Mosher 10.5
Justin Kimsey 0.0
Jacob Stacy 0.0
Tanner Milan 8.1
Curtis Cassidy 0.0
Dalton Massey 0.0
Kyle Irwin NTO
Tucker Wright 11.0
Mike McGinn 17.0
Clayton Morrison DR
Casey Martin DR
Aaron Vosler DR
Clayton Hass 8.1
Hank Filippini 0.0
Baxtor Roche DR
Nik Hamm 0.0
Blaine Jones 7.9
Dirk Tavenner 7.1
Olin Hannum 0.0
Josh Garner 9.4
Blake Knowles 8.3
J.D. Struxness 7.2
Ted Gollaher 7.8
Nick Guy 5.7
Tom Lewis 7.5
Levi Rudd 7.8
Trevor Knowles DR
Timmy Sparing 9.8
K.C. Jones
Cody Cabral 5.3
Will Lummus 0.0
Taylor Gregg 15.6
Sterling Lambert 0.0
Ryan Bothum 9.8
Josh Peek 6.6
Travis Taruscio 0.0
B.J. Taruscio 7.5
Micheal Trautman 0.0
Stephen Culling 8.9
Matt Richardson 0.0
Colton Jensen 0.0
Mike Gollaher NTO
Ryan Robinson 0.0
Ringo Robinson 0.0
Rowdy Parrott 0.0
Errol Frain 0.0
Luke Gee 16.6
Trell Etbauer DR
Ryan Mackenzie 20.9
Tony Martinez 18.3
Shane Bullock 0.0
Ty Sherman 0.0
Chason Floyd 12.7
Cameron Morman 6.6
Coleman Kohorst NTO
Hayden Fullerton 0.0
Hayden Hall 0.0
Cody McCleary 0.0
Ty Rumford 0.0
Wayne Schaffeld 0.0
Greg Schaffeld 0.0
Heath Thomas 8.8
Kody Dollery 5.7
Koty Kamm 0.0
Travis Reay 0.0
Michael Bates Jr. 0.0
Justin Shaffer 18.5
Jason Thomas 9.3
Baylor Roche 8.6
Cole Edge 0.0
Jon Ragatz 7.3
Chance E Howard 0.0
Kyle Whitaker 0.0
Tanner Stanger 8.4
Morgan Grant 0.0
Cody Kroul 0.0
Wyatt Jurney 0.0
Jacob Talley 0.0

Team Roping go round 1 Payout

Place Contestant Name Time Payout
1 Clayton Hass/John Robertson 5.6 $4,393.57
2 Tyler Milligan/Shank Edwards 5.7 $3,733.54
3 Riley Minor/Brady Minor 6.1 $3,173.51
4 Austin Stafford/Dayton Stafford 6.2 $2,613.48
5 Jesse Northrop/Kurtis Barry 6.3 $2,053.45
6 David Temple/Tee Jay Brown 6.4 $1,493.42
7 Justin Farber/Garrett Busby 6.7 $933.39
8/8/08 Bryce Palmer/Bo Patzke 6.8 $124.45
8/8/08 Logan Olson/Kyle Lockett 6.8 $124.45
8/8/08 Rhett Anderson/Brady Ramone 6.8 $124.45

Team Roping

Contestant Name Time
Jordan Weaver/Sean Santucci 14.1
David Motes/Phoenix Everano 7.8
Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz 7.1
Dustin Bird/Russell Cardoza 0.0
Roger Nonella/Cameron Irwin 0.0
Ryan Opie/Trevor Knowles 11.7
Tanner Patzke/Quade Patzke 0.0
Austin Stafford/Dayton Stafford 6.2
Doyle Hoskins/Ryon Tittel 12.7
Casey Hale/Jaden Burnett 12.9
Charly Crawford/Joseph Harrison 11.6
Dakota W Eldridge/Dakota Louis 13.2
McKennan Buckner/Bill Justus 7.3
Jesse Stipes/Jake Clay 0.0
Lane Ivy/Buddy Hawkins II 0.0
Ivan Bigsby/Coy Thompson DO
Blake Teixeira/Monty Joe Petska 0.0
Jr. Dees/Levi Lord 0.0
Dale Benevides/Buck McCay 7.7
Garrett Rogers/Jake Minor 12.7
Riley Minor/Brady Minor 6.1
Chris McKoen/Jason Duby 0.0
Levi Simpson/Jeremy Buhler 0.0
Cory Kidd V/Cole Davison 0.0
Bryan Reay/Daxton Jim DR
Zach Raley/Critter Lopez 0.0
Justin Alps/R.C. Landingham 0.0
Brooks Dahozy/Lane Mitchell 17.1
Caden Clay/Rylie Amarant 0.0
Tanner James/Matt Costa 0.0
Matt Funk/Garrett Jess 0.0
Hayes Smith/Justin Davis 0.0
Calon Yeager/Ty Lidstrom 0.0
Jordan Tye/Shane Crossley 0.0
Corey Fitze/Adam Fitze 8.7
Zack Justesen/Leo Baptiste 22.3
Clayton Morrison/George Raftopoulos DR
Tom Richards/Ryan Motes 0.0
Jack Fischer/Jason Minor 0.0
Justin Farber/Garrett Busby 6.7
David Temple/Tee Jay Brown 6.4
Richard Eiguren/Chase Hansen 7.2
Dex Maddock/Tyler Whitlow DO
Jesse Northrop/Kurtis Barry 6.3
Jason Stewart/Bucky Campbell 0.0
Clint White/Brent Lockett 0.0
Mel Coleman/Pee Wee Freeman II 17.4
Trevor Patterson/Clayton Hansen 10.7
Shane Erickson/Cully Stafford 0.0
Billy Good/Trey Sheets 0.0
Tygh Campbell/Calgary Smith 0.0
Brent Lewis/Ryan Rochlitz 8.1
Kolton Schmidt/Tyler Worley 12.9
Brady Portenier/Trey Benton III 0.0
J.T. Prather/Wyatt Cox 16.3
Cody Barney/C.J. Crume 14.5
Jared Thompson/Ryan Powell 8.1
Ryan Readmond/Bobby Roberts 12.9
Jeff Flenniken/Brandon Bates 0.0
Ryan Reed/Dalton Pearce 0.0
Nelson Wyatt/Trace Porter 9.3
Bryce Palmer/Bo Patzke 6.8
Daniel Ibarra/Daniel Holland 7.8
Jake Stanley/Brent Falon 7.9
Chad Mathis/Joe Bartlett 0.0
Cody Cabral/Colton Jack Gow 13.5
Colton Campbell/Jordan Ketscher 12.8
Logan Olson/Kyle Lockett 6.8
Tyler Smith/Andy Carlson 0.0
Matt Sherwood/Chase Tryan 6.9
Brian McNamee/Tim Messner 0.0
Steven Duby/Trevor McCoin 9.1
Jake Brown/Paul Brashears NTO
Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill 0.0
Roy Owens/Casey Awbrey 0.0
Howdy McGinn/Chad Finley 23.4
B.J. Taruscio/Christian Radabaugh 0.0
Brett Sheehan/Jared Parke 8.3
Ross O'Sullivan/Cody Laumb 0.0
Chaz Kananen/Dustin Wells 0.0
Billy Gallagher/Will L Gallagher 10.9
Clayton Eggers/Jacob Beyer 0.0
Joshua Torres/Jonathan Torres DR
Erich Rogers/Cory Petska 0.0
Shay Carroll/Nano Garza 11.5
Dillon Holyfield/Taylor Duby 0.0
Colton Martino/KC Jensen 13.9
Rhett Anderson/Brady Ramone 6.8
Clayton Hass/John Robertson 5.6
Bryce Davis/Roger Branch 0.0
Tuf Cooper/Mike Beers 8.0
Marcus Theriot/Cody Doescher 0.0
Sean Black/Tim Black 0.0
Clay Ullery/Riley Wilson 7.2
Robby Ritchey/Will Gasperson 9.4
Jake Orman/Will Woodfin 0.0
Pake Sorey/Tom Sorey 0.0
Brandon Beers/Cesar de la Cruz 0.0
Garrett Hale/Dave Inman 0.0
Jake Talbot/Cain Smith 0.0
Trevor Brazile/Clint Summers 0.0
Tyler Milligan/Shank Edwards 5.7
Chad Masters/Travis Graves 8.5
Jake Cooper/Dakota Kirchenschlager 0.0

Steer Roping Go round 2

Contestant Name Time
Tuf Cooper 0.0
Steve Cannon 0.0
Dave Clark 0.0
Shank Edwards DR
Trevor Brazile 12.7
Jason Evans VI
Colt Bruegman 21.9
Gib Bell 0.0
Ivan Bigsby DO
Trey Sheets 17.7
Jake Stanley DR
Russell Cardoza 16.2
Scott Snedecor 0.0
John Bland 0.0
Robin Taylor 0.0
Robby Ritchey 0.0
Will Gasperson 18.4
Brian Garr 0.0
Coy Thompson DR
Ty Tillard DR
Rocky Patterson 0.0
Chet Herren 19.0
Howdy McGinn 18.0
Kyle Lockett 0.0
Mike Beers 0.0
Corey Ross 0.0
Cody Lee 13.5
C.A. Lauer 0.0
Shorty Garten 0.0
Gabe Richardson 20.5
Kelton McMillen 0.0
Jed Gleghorn 0.0
Ike Sankey 0.0
Lee Richmond 0.0
Alwin Bouchard 0.0
Chris Pearson DR
Merritt Harris DR
J.P. Wickett 0.0
Martin Poindexter 0.0
Scott Stickley 22.3
Rich Chastain 0.0
Marty Poppino 0.0
R.A. Lovell 0.0
Fred Hirschy 0.0
Dean Hanson 28.1
Nick Lay 0.0
Clayton Eggers DR
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