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Xtreme Bulls 2022 Champion

Stetson Wright has won just about everything possible in the sport of rodeo without picking up another event.

The one missing piece for the five-time world champion was the Xtreme Bulls title. The 23-year-old Utah cowboy can mark that one off his list after winning the event and season title Tuesday, Sept. 13, at Happy Canyon Arena.

“This is something,” Wright said, after dozens of photo ops and an interview on the Cowboy Channel. “I have been second the last two years in a row — in the event and standings. It has eluded me and driven me insane. This year, I stopped caring and I did it.”

Wright was the only man in the field of 26 to ride three bulls. He rode both Monday, and his first on Tuesday before Unkle Kranky got the better of him in the fourth round.

For winning the average, with a total of 257 points on three head, Wright picked up a check for $11,280. Reid Oftedahl was second, with Jace Trosclair third and Tristen Hutchings fourth. Wright also won a custom saddle, two buckles, Pendleton Whisky, a trophy, a custom-engraved knife and a Pendleton blanket. Wright's only horse, Poncho, has benefited from the custom saddles over the years, though most are on display at his home.

When Wright saw his draws for the event, he said he didn’t know how things would go. “It seemed like everything was stacked against me,” Wright said. “The first three bulls I rode (Foolish Pride, Tequila Sunrise and Spyglass) had never been ridden (for a score). The last had and he was the one who bucked me off. Everything happens for a reason. My dad (Cody) always says, ‘if you tried as hard as you can, you can’t hang your head.”

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