Where is parking available?

Is Round-Up merchandise available online?

When is the Round-Up store open?

Where is the ticket office and souvenir store located?

Is handicapped parking available?

How do I find Lodging information?

How do I find out about food or retail vending at the Pendleton Round-Up?

I need to change my address for Permanent Tickets how do I do that?

When do Round-Up tickets go on sale?

Where is the ticket office located?

I don’t want my tickets anymore what do I do?

What sections of seating are covered?

What is Happy Canyon?

What time does the rodeo start?

How old does my child have to be before I buy a ticket for him or her?

When is the Parade?

Is there a shuttle service available?

When is Senior Day?

When is Kids Day?

What is slack and when can I see it?

Where can I drop-off and pick-up people?

Where is the lost and found located?

What items should I leave at home?

How long is the Barrel Pattern in the Pendleton Round-Up Arena?

Round-Up Grounds Map

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Change of Address

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