Wild Cow Milking
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Wild Cow Milking

Wild Cow Milking

Wild Cow Milking at the Pendleton Round-Up is an event that combines humor, chaos, and skill, providing a unique spectacle for the audience. Teams of cowboys and cowgirls attempt to lasso and milk a wild, uncooperative cow within a set time limit, resulting in a flurry of activity and laughter. This event showcases the participants' roping abilities and quick reflexes as they navigate the unpredictable behavior of the cows. The blend of tradition and lively entertainment makes Wild Cow Milking a crowd favorite, highlighting the grit and determination of those brave enough to take on the challenge.
Wild Cow Milking registration opens TUESDAY, August 1ST!

Call 541-276-2553 ext 405 for more info or to register!

$200 per team. Must pay the entry fee at the time of sign up.

Let'er Buck!
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