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Ride on our Wagons!

Ride in a wagon with our experienced Teamsters!

Being a passenger...

Relive the adventure of those brave pioneers who blazed the Oregon Trail.
4 daily routes through beautiful Eastern Oregon back country along the Starkey Experimental Research area, and return to a base camp for meals, camping and entertainment. The trails we travel are established Forest Service gravel and dirt roads. We assemble our encampment on Monday and make introductions. Tuesday through Friday we will be on the Trail for approximately 5-6 hours a day and then return to camp to relax and socialize. Saturday morning after breakfast we clean up and disembark for our various destinations.

Authentic western wagons of various types and hitches are pulled by work horses and mules. Friendly and charismatic teamsters will be your hosts on the trail. Great food, cowboy poetry, auction fundraiser, camp activities for all ages, and a live band on Friday! Daily drawings for prizes.

We provide the meals, beverages, refreshments, tents, cots, bedding and supplies. If you have a talent you would like to share at the evening camp, we welcome you with open arms! We also provide conveniences such as fresh water, camp showers and porta-potties. We will handle the camp set up and transportation to and from encampment. All of this for $2000 per person. See our flyer to the right for more info!

The personal items that you are recommended to bring for each participant are mainly clothing, medicines, sunscreen, personal hygiene items, cash for the auction, etc. Usually the weather is good this time of year but rain is always a possibility, come prepared. For safety and insurance concerns, dogs and firearms are not allowed. Alcoholic beverages (beer) is not allowed on the trail but will be hosted by us in camp

Enjoy the beautiful night skies and forest environment. Wildlife can be spotted by the attentive. Space is limited so reserve you spot early.

Cowboy Terminology

Outriders: Those horsemen riding their own horses or mules assigned, for safety reasons to help a specific wagon and teamster on the trail.

Teamster: The experienced professional driver of a wagon.

Wagon Master: The leader of the Wagon Train.

Trail riders: Those horsemen and women bringing their own horses and mules to ride with the Wagon Train.

Scouts: Experienced horseback riders that ride ahead of the Wagon Train as guides and to make sure the trail is clear.

Tenderfoots: Our first time guests.

Pioneers: Our experienced guests.

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