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Registration Help

1. Participant 1 must fill-out ALL of their contact information
2. Participants 2-4 must only give their first and last name, the other information is at the discretion of the participant.
* please check the box if you are allowing wagon train to share your contract information as needed

4.Please select a participant level for each participant
5.Please select under each participant level if the participant is a minor or not (17 & under)

If you have more than 4 participants that you are signing up you need to do an additional form!
If you do not have any special dietary guidelines, enter "N/A"

Read and click in the box for:

MUST READ: Rules & Guidelines
Wagon Train Waiver

Ensure you are NOT a robot by clicking in the box.
If you do NOT get to this screen yet, you have missed something in your registration info.

You can enter your info to pay or checkout as a guest.

Make sure you enter your CC info and BILLING INFORMATION.
Click confirm payment
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