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Donation Requests

We give to many organizations throughout the year!  

The Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Association provides donations to non-profit organizations to be used in fundraising efforts. Due to the volume of donation requests received we are unable to provide donations for all requests received.

Donation request Guidelines
  • Requests can be made to, or Attn: Ticketing Department P.O. BOX 609 Pendleton OR 97801
  • Only one request per organization will be fulfilled each year.
  • Requests must be submitted 30 days prior to the event. Your donation will be sent out 2-4 weeks before the event. If the donation request is denied, you will receive an e-mail informing you that we are unable to donate at this time.
  • The request must come on letter head or official documentation from the organization or event.
  • Donation request must have a return address.
  • Request must have information about the organization and event. Who is the event benefiting and when will it take place?

The Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Association does not consider or grant monetary or sponsorship requests

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