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Vendor Info

The Pendleton Round-Up allows only food vendors inside the grounds but space is very limited. If you are interested in having a concession stand please contact our office directly or send an email to the Concessions Director, you can find that information under Board of Directors
These spaces are currently full.

If you would like to become an vendor outside of our grounds there are several local businesses and lots who offer space and you will need to contact them directly.

The Round-Up does not offer vendor space for Retail at this time. Please contact the Main Street Cowboys, 541-278-9332 for more info.
We do not allow political themed vendors in Round-Up Way

Round-Up Way

Round-Up Way is an amazing opportunity for Sponsors, those contemplating being a sponsor, Non-Profit Organizations, and non-retail related Vendors.


At this time political organizations or politically driven organizations are not allowed.

Location and Hours: Round-Up Way is located adjacent to the Pendleton Round-Up (PRU) grounds in Roy Raley Park. Monday and Tuesday you may be open at whatever time you see fit, there will be light traffic each day. Beginning Wednesday please plan to be open 10am-6pm, with busiest hours between 11-1pm and 3-6pm.

Set-up: Monday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm please be set up Tuesday by noon. Parking is limited!

Electricity: Please inform PRU of any electricity requirements you may need by contacting Vanessa by August 1st. There may be electrical boxes available for an additional fee, please supply cord covers to minimize tripping hazards.

Buckin' Banner Space: These are limited, "un-manned" spots. Those who wish to purchase this option must ship the banner in a tube to our grounds and include a pre-paid shipping label for returning.

Dismantle: Must be completed by 12:00 pm on Sunday, September 16th, you are welcome to begin after 7 pm on Saturday following the last performance of the Rodeo.

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