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Frequently Asked Questions

Can children attend?
*YES! This is a family friendly event. All ages are welcome with a purchased ticket. This is a family friendly Wagon Train! Activities will include Wednesday Talent Show; Thursday, Breast Cancer Awareness day (wear your pink!) and potentially a Barrel Ride (body of water required). Friday is traditionally “Period Dress-Up” day; dress like the original Wagon Train! Don’t forget to bring your cameras. Friday evening live music will be provided for your listening and dancing pleasure. Additionally there might be an auction, scavenger hunt and some yet to be announced contests and activities.

Are dogs allowed?
*NO. Please leave all dogs at home.

Is alcohol available?

*Alcohol is not permitted on the trail.

Is the terrain rough?

*Yes! The terrain is quite rocky and uneven, we highly recommend that animals be recently shod, be prepared with extra foot wear for you and your horses.

How many people attend?

*Typically we have around 100 horseback riders, 12-14 Wagons and a handful of camp helpers.

Where is this located?

*Beautiful Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. Each year we try to have a new location but keep camp at the same area. Each day we travel a new trail.

Can we bring our camper/RV?

*Yes please, bring your RV, horse trailer, Tent, whatever your choice of camping might be.

Are there restrooms?

*There are porta-potties at the camp site, however when on the trail it is the great outdoors.

Are there showers?

*A shower trailer is available, it is fee based through the company that it is rented from, so bring cash with you!

Can we bring our bikes?

*Please do NOT bring bikes, leave them at home. This is not a place for bikes.

Is there water for my horses?

*Yes, we have creeks, ponds and streams. However we do not have potable water available in supply for all the livestock and ask that if you need potable water for your animals that you bring it with you.

Should I bring my gun?
*NO. Please do not bring any firearms.

Where do I tie my horses up?
*Please plan to contain animals with a high line, electric fence, panels or tie to your trailer; don’t tie to trees and don’t leave hobbled horses loose.

What 'extras' should I bring?
*First, yourself and your fun having attitude!! If you and your animals are in shape it will make the trip a lot more fun. Remember rain is always a possibility and at 5000 ft. the nights can be very cool so come prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings. Sunscreen, hats, extra shoes/boots, extra halters and ropes, any medications for you or animals needed. Remember there is very little to NO cell service here. Plan ahead.

I can't make it, what should I do?
*We don’t offer refunds on any tickets as a general rule of the Pendleton Round-Up.

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