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AUGUST 25, 2018, 8am

LUNCH SERVED after group photo at noon!
We appreciate all of our volunteers and are working hard to keep your information up-to-date as we move to an online database. Correspondence will be utilized through this system to save money, time and have fewer human entry errors. We sincerely appreciate all of your patience in making this happen. Please ensure you have an email address on file with us!

Email info to Volunteer@pendletonroundup.com *please DO NOT send your info through email, Sign-Up here to volunteer! Use "NEW" as your password.



All volunteers that work for the Pendleton Round-Up Association or Happy Canyon Co., Inc as a VOLUNTEER are eligible to receive reimbursement for their OLCC server’s permit after completing, minimum 8 hours in the year they purchased their permit.

Reimbursement must be submitted to your director within 30 days following the event and must include a receipt and copy of permit.

Service organization volunteers are not eligible for this reimbursement. If your service organization gets a donation or percentage of fee’s collected you are not eligible for this reimbursement.



Let'er Buck! Code of Conduct

Pennant Bearer Schedule

Change of Address

Volunteer Years Update



Orville Gerberding: Volunteer of the Year

Each year a volunteer is voted on my the current Board of Directors as the "Volunteer of the Year" which is in honor and memory of Orville Gerberding. Whose reliable help established a standard service we keep alive! Orville’s family presents this buckle each year to honor all of Round-Up’s many volunteers.

Orville Gerberding, Volunteer of the Year

  • 1999……… Rory Neault
  • 2000……… Dr. Donald Smith
  • 2001……… Bill Dawson
  • 2002……… Joe Zyph
  • 2003……… Fred Thompson
  • 2004……… Betty Byer
  • 2005……… Leon Laucirica
  • 2006……… Gary Tague
  • 2007……… Russ Nekraszewicz
  • 2008……… Tim Cain
  • 2009……… Mark Herburger
  • 2010……… Joe DeMarsh
  • 2011……… Denny Davis
  • 2012……… Gary Graham
  • 2013……… Bob Forth
  • 2014……… Rick Rohde
  • 2015……… Troy Perkins
  • 2016……… Joe Zoske
  • 2017……… Tammy Sundin


2017 Volunteer of the Year

Tammy Sundin with 2018 Round-Up President, David O'Neill 
Delores Swearingen presenting Tammy with the belt buckle in memory of Orville, her father.

2017 Appreciation Awards

1 of 6
Each year Directors are able to select someone who went above and beyond to help them in their specific area, this years recipients are:
  • Todd Smith
  • Dan Dorran
  • Jeff Brown
  • Rick Thomas Jr.
  • Chris Peterson
  • Karen VanderPlaat
  • 2017 Beer Chip Crew
    • Larry Hodgen - Ralph Noe - Scott Wrightson - Rick Rohde

Annual Appreciation Awards


Who are our Volunteers?

Our Volunteers are:
  • Person opening the gate for you
  • Program salesmen and women
  • People showing you to your seats, "Ushers"
  • All the men you see on the grass moving the fence
  • Most people horseback that are not contestants
  • Bar tenders
  • Tractor operator
  • All the 17 Directors wearing identical shirts

Who are our service Organizations?
(Our service organizations get a 'cut' from the proceeds of whatever they are selling, or we make a similar donation to a charity of their choice)
  • Many of our Concession Stands
  • Beer Stands
  • Ticket Scanners
  • Souvenir Booth staffers

Volunteers & Service Organizations


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