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Round-Up Dictionary

One of a kind wood Bucking Chutes! 
Bucking Chutes:The Round-Up has one of the only sets of wood "bucking chutes". A chute is where the bulls and broncs are in a pen that holds the animal safely in position.

Grass Arena:
The Round-Up is the only rodeo in the world that has a grass arena. The grass was installed in 1953 for the high school football team to be able to use the arena. It is now one of our (many) claims to fame.

Goldie's Bar: Operates Wednesday through Saturday of Round-Up week. Hours: 8 PM to 2 AM. $5 cover. Located at the Pendleton Convention Center.

Hall of Fame:
Located across the street from the Round-Up arena, a museum showcasing the history and Hall of Fame inductees of the Pendleton Round-Up.

Happy Canyon: An Indian pageant and Wild West show that depicts the settling of the American West. Showing aspects from Native American traditions to the introduction of the white man. Happens every night of Round-Up, starting promptly at 7:45 PM.

HC: An acronym for Happy Canyon

HOF: Acronym for Hall of Fame

Let'er Buck Pass:
A general admission ticket to the Round-Up grounds. Does not include a seat to the rodeo.

Let'er Buck Room:
World famous bar that serves only hard alcohol and exclusively Hood River Distillers products. One of the longest continuous bars in the world and houses memorabilia of the Round-Up.

Loading Chute: Located in the middle of the West Grand Stands, a place where animals for timed events are held and contained safely.

PRU: An acronym for Pendleton Round-Up

RU: An acronym for Round-Up

RUP: An acronym for Round-Up

Section DD Bar: Only bar on the grounds that serves alcohol and beer in the same location. Named after the section of seating that used to be there. Located on the other side of the 1910 room, by the East Grand Stands. Formerly known as the Loading Chute Bar/Saloon.

Slack: “Preliminaries” for timed events – tie down roping, steer wrestling, team roping, and barrel racing.

Strip 'n Chute Bar: Primarily a Pendleton Whisky Saloon started in 2015. Located at the end of the West Grandstands walkway, between sections Y and Z.

Tipi (Teepee) Village: One of the largest Native American encampments in the US. Over 300 teepees set up the Sunday before Round-Up with tribes from Umatilla, Cayus, and Walla Walla. Tradition dates back to the very beginning of Round-Up (1910).

TETWP: An acronym for Tough Enough To Wear Pink

Tough Enough To Wear Pink day: Funds raised from Thursday of Round-Up week (the day deemed "Tough Enough To Wear Pink" day) will help local breast cancer patients both during and after cancer treatment.

Westward Ho! Parade: Friday morning of Round-Up week at 10 AM, this no motorized vehicles parade features covered wagons, Indians in full regalia, and marching bands.

1910 Room: New to the Round-Up in 2016, a unique experience for rodeo goers. Offering gourmet food and specialty drinks, Round-Up attendees can eat and drink while watching the rodeo from the East side of the arena in a prime viewing location.

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