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Tips & Tricks to Register

To ensure that each individual accepts all waivers and conditions, please complete registration for each individual.
Enter "n/a" in the dietary restrictions box (if you don't have any restrictions) and in the guardian box if over 18.
Look at all the areas and ensure they are filled in
Check the boxes for both the waiver and the rules/guidelines and sign.
Ensure you click the "I am NOT a robot" box!

For each participant please select the participant level, plus the pricing for all participants.

Accept rules and guidelines for ALL people registered.

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Wagon Train Registration - 2022

June 20-25, 2022

In consideration of the opportunity to join the Pendleton Round-Up Wagon Train, I expressly agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns that the Pendleton Round-Up Association, their Board of Directors, Stockholders, the Pendleton Round-Up Wagon Train, their committee under the director, shall not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever, whether or not negligence is involved, for either my death, personal injury, or loss or damage to my property occurring while traveling to, from or during the Wagon Train or in any other places in connection with such a trip.

I hereby certify that I am physically and mentally capable to perform all of the physical requirements specified and that I have no physical limitations or impairments that would endanger me or others. I acknowledge that despite this certification, Pendleton Round-Up Wagon Train Committee may, in their sole discretion, refuse me participation in any part of said trip if any such personnel deem me physically or mentally incapable of performing any of the requirements.

What is included with your fees:

Dinner Monday thru breakfast Saturday, hay and water (water is likely from a pond or stream) for your animals, and beverages. Porta-Potties will be on site and garbage bags will be provided.

Showers are available for an additional fee paid on site, bring CASH.

By accepting the Rules & Guidelines, and Waiver you are agreeing to accept on behalf of all participants you are registering below.

Key Contact Information

Participant Levels

Please indicate if participant is a minor, next to their name in the fields below.
Teamster Participant in your group
match the quantity to the # of names listed below
This is for 1 person, Teamster, the "Leader" only.
Include First and Last name per line

Swamper/Assistant participant in your group
match the quantity to the # of names listed below
1 person, assistant to the Teamster.
If you are a Swamper what is your Teamster name?
Include First and Last name per line

Number of adult horseback/Campers participants in your group
match the quantity to the # of names listed below
Adult Horseback Rider/Camper/Other Participants (17+)
All participants riding horseback or camping, ages 17 or over.
Include First and Last name per line

Number of youth horseback/camper participants in your group
match the quantity to the # of names listed below
Youth Horseback Rider/Camper (16-U)
All horseback riders/ campers ages 16 and under.
Include First and Last name per line

Dietary Restrictions

We will do our best to meet some of your restrictions, but due to our remote location we are not able to meet all needs. Please be prepared to bring any supplemental items you may need.

Terms & Conditions

Please read all the rules and conditions carefully.

No stud horses, firearms, bikes, or dogs are allowed!

By submitting you agree to abide by all conditions and rules of the Pendleton Round-Up Wagon Train. If you do not abide by the rules we cannot ask you to leave without refund.
MUST READ: Rules and Guidelines
Registration Wavier
By submitting you agree to abide by all conditions  

You will get an automated confirmation email once you have registered and completed your purchase on the next page.

You will receive a confirmation even though you have not paid.

Please Make sure you have paid by Credit card to complete your registration!!


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