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Tips & Tricks to Register

To ensure that each individual accepts all waivers and conditions, please complete registration for each individual.
Enter "n/a" in the dietary restrictions box (if you don't have any restrictions) and in the guardian box if over 18.
Look at all the areas and ensure they are filled in
Add clothing directly on your registration!
Check the boxes for both the waiver and the rules/guidelines.
Ensure you click the "I am NOT a robot" box!

For each participant please select the participant level, plus the pricing for all participants.

Accept rules and guidelines for ALL people registered.

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Plated Buckle
1 of 2
Clothing color is red for 2021!
Small wagon train logo on the left upper chest
Large Logo on back

If you forgot to purchase clothing or want to purchase more clothing. Please click the button below to add clothing.

Image #1: Plated Buckle
Image #2: Scarf Slide/ Pendant


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