Monday Slack September 11th, 2017
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Monday Slack September 11th, 2017

he 107th annual Pendleton Round –Up, Pendleton, Oregon, one of America’s premier rodeos, began Monday, Sept. 11, with two slack events--steer roping and barrel racing--eliminating a lot of hopefuls from the cowboys and cowgirls who will participate in the four-day event, which officially runs Wednesday through Saturday.

Four Texans took the top four times in steer roping.

Slack is rodeo’s version of the playoffs. Like most major rodeos the Round-Up has more competitors seeking spots in the rodeo than will fit into the four days of the official rodeo, Wednesday-Saturday. So “slack” allows every hopeful an opportunity to try out, with the best times making it into the rodeo. Once the rodeo begins on Wednesday, the eliminations continue, with only the top competitors making it into Saturday’s finals.

The Pendleton Round-Up was selected this year as the Best Outdoor Rodeo by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, the sponsoring organization for national rodeo competition that includes the more than 700 competitors who are trying out for this year’s Round-Up. As one of the later rodeos in the summer season, the Round-Up is a critical win for many of those hoping to accumulate enough winnings to make it into the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the world series of rodeo, in December in Las Vegas.

This year’s Round-Up is noting the centennial of World War I, when hundreds of cowboys from Eastern Oregon joined the Army in a “rough rider” company to defend America in Europe. 1917 was also the first year that the Round-Up Championship was won by Yakima Canutt, a cowboy from the region who went on to win the championship a record-setting three more times into the early 1920’s, then pursued a career in Hollywood as an early cowboy movie star.

In the first of Monday’s two slack events, steer roping and barrel racing, the former for men, the second for women, Tuf Cooper, Weatherford, TX, a longtime competitor at the Round-Up, had the best time, roping his steer in 13.1 seconds. Cooper was followed by Shay Good, Midland, TX, at 13.8 seconds, and in third, the man who has won more world rodeo championships than any other competitor, Trevor Brazile, Decatur, TX, at 14.0. He was followed closely by fellow Decatur, TX native, Will Gasperson at 14.8. In all, 79 ropers signed up to compete for a steer roping spot in the Round-Up.

The 27-year-old Cooper noted that his steer cooperated beautifully, giving him the perfect slack on his rope over the right hip after he roped the horns, both requirements to place in the event. “He gave me the right handed cant,” exclaimed the top finisher. “The grass is awesome . . . it was a blessing today.” Cooper has had an excellent year, winning at 17 rodeos in the US and Canada. In his 19-year PRCA career he has won nearly $1.7 million while capturing three world titles.

In steer roping the horses run fast but in barrel racing, one of the few rodeo events for women, the horses run even faster, as the women race to set the fastest time in rounding three widely-spaced barrels. At the Round-Up those barrels are more widely spaced than at any other rodeo, doubling the usual racing time for the horses. Unlike other rodeo arenas, the Round-Up has a grass field surrounded by a dirt track. To allow the horses good footing as they round the barrels, those barrels are set up in the track, rather than on the grass, lengthening the race course.

At the top of Monday’s field of 42 women signed up for the barrel racing slack was Kimmie Wall, who crossed the grass in 28.45 seconds. Wall, from Roosevelt, UT, was the 2015 Pendleton Round-Up champion in the event. She was followed by Sydni Blanchard, 28.81; Jackie Ganter, 28.91, and Ericka Nelson, 28.95. Wall is currently ranked #15 in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association standings with nearly $52,000 in winnings this year in the event. She’s barely ahead of Ganter, Abilene, TX, ranked #16 with nearly $52,000, and Blanchard, Albuquerque, NM, #18, with nearly $52,000. One of these women may take the 2017 Round-Up championship in barrel racing.

Barrel Racing

Kimmie Wall of Roosevelt, Utah leads the Barrel Racers. Bob Click photo
Contestant Name Time
Sabrina Lay DR
Kaelyn Marchand DR
Samantha Boone 31.17
Holly Wright 30.75
Kim Schulze DR
Wendy Weems 29.59
Kellie Collier NNTO
Janci Hannen 35.32
Lisa McLean DR
Shawn Massey DR
Hilary Imhof DR
Sidney Forrest NNTO
Darcy Good 30.50
Leah Crockett 29.35
Kim Kammenzind VR
Kimmie Wall 28.54
Sydni Blanchard 28.81
Stevi Hillman NTO
Nicole Laurence 29.08
Lori Todd DR
Jodi Goodrich 29.78
Jackie Gudmundson 29.99
Ari-Anna Flynn 29.08
Ivy Conrado 39.26
Courtney Frazier 28.96
Britni Carlson 29.95
Tobi Richardson 29.09
Darby Fox 30.12
Cally Goyins 30.16
Deb Guelly NTO
Jody Tucker 28.97
Taylor Langdon NNTO
Taylor Jacob DR
Kimberly Sanford VR
Kirstin Parvin 29.58
Emily Miller 29.84
Lawanda Bronson 29.57
Crystal Beam 31.54
Michelle Warren 31.39
Kelsey Monahan 29.99
Katy Kafka 30.12
Joely Patnode 37.18
Sandi Biewald 0.00
Susan Gibbs VR
Terri Kaye Kirkland DR
Cassidy Kruse 30.53
Jessi Fish 46.47
Sherry Cervi 29.96
Joy McDaniel 34.91
Viki Friedrich DR
Mary Jo Camera DR
Jaime Hinton 30.06
Christine Laughlin 30.03
Sabra O'Quinn 29.82
Jana Bean 29.39
Jackie Ganter 28.91
Ericka Nelson 28.95
Helen Brown 37.74
Mandy Hamilton 29.81
Cranna Roberts DR
Shirlee Kaczmarek DR
Jessica Lewis 0.00
Rachel Stoller DR
Jessica Jones 30.73
Bailey Beall 30.08
Kylee Schwartz DR
Talia Radabaugh 34.84

Go Round 1 Payout

Place Time Name Payout
1 13.1 Tuf Cooper $3,768.71
2 13.8 Shay Good 3,277.14
3 14 Trevor Brazile 2,785.57
4 14.8 Will Gasperson 2,294.00
5 15.4 Tim Tillard 1,802.42
6 15.6 Dave Sedar 1,310.85
7 15.8 Roger Branch 819.28
8 15.9 Shorty Garten 327.71
Contestant Name Time
Ivan Bigsby DO
Roger Nonella 21.8
Will McBride 25.8
Chris Glover 16.0
Chad Mathis 0.0
Howdy McGinn 0.0
Brian Garr 0.0
Ky Rosenberg 0.0
Jim Ward 0.0
Tygh Campbell 19.9
Brent Lewis 0.0
Ryan Rochlitz 0.0
Tom Sorey 0.0
Joe Bartlett 0.0
Quay Howard 0.0
Kyle Lockett 0.0
Joe Talbot 0.0
Rod Hartness 0.0
Cody Lee 0.0
Dave Sedar 15.6
Tim Tillard 15.4
Steve Hurn 26.4
Todd Dickson 18.4
Fred Brown 0.0
Russell Cardoza 0.0
Shay Good 13.8
J. Tom Fisher 0.0
Dan Fisher 0.0
Vin Fisher Jr. 22.7
Doug Bean 26.0
Hadley Reed 0.0
Duck Benson 0.0
Gabe Richardson 18.0
Jacob Beyer 0.0
Clayton Eggers DR
R.A. Lovell 0.0
Troy Tillard 0.0
Nick Lay 0.0
Dean Hanson 0.0
Fred Hirschy 0.0
Fred Steen 18.6
Marty Poppino 0.0
Rich Chastain 21.9
Scott Stickley 17.1
Martin Poindexter 0.0
J.P. Wickett 0.0
Merritt Harris DR
Chris Pearson DR
Alwin Bouchard 19.3
Lee Richmond 0.0
Ike Sankey 0.0
Jed Gleghorn 0.0
Kelton McMillen 0.0
Bryce Davis 0.0
Shorty Garten 15.9
C.A. Lauer 0.0
Roger Branch 15.8
Corey Ross 0.0
Mike Beers 0.0
Jason Stewart 0.0
Kim Ziegelgruber 0.0
Chet Herren 0.0
Rocky Patterson 0.0
Ty Tillard DR
Coy Thompson DR
Billy Good 16.1
Will Gasperson 14.8
Robby Ritchey 0.0
Robin Taylor 24.6
John Bland 0.0
Scott Snedecor 17.4
Hank Hollenbeck 0.0
Jake Stanley DR
Trey Sheets 0.0
Garrett Hale 0.0
Gib Bell 21.7
Colt Bruegman 0.0
Jason Evans 0.0
Trevor Brazile 14.0
Shank Edwards DR
Dave Clark 0.0
Steve Cannon 0.0
Tuf Cooper 13.1
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