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Thursday Afternoon Performance September 14th, 2017

It was Tough Enough To Wear Pink day at the Round Up! Queen Kendra Torrey and her royal court were decked out in pink as they greeted the South grandstand! Bob Click photo

Indian Relay Racers: These young men are daredevils as they compete in one of the most popular events! Bob Click photo

There’s an event in rodeo, bulldogging or steer wrestling it’s called, and when you try to picture that you can get a strange image if you’re not familiar with this form of physical encounter between cow and man. At the second day of the 107th four-day Pendleton Round-Up, rodeo spectators saw an example of what happens when cowboys encounter this challenge.

The event calls for the cowboy to pursue a running steer on a galloping horse, then, in a controlled fall, drop from the horse to the steer, grab its horns and flip it. The man who does it in the least time wins. On Thursday, of the 12 cowboys signed up for the event, three were able to accomplish this.

Ordinarily we write about the winners of rodeo events but here’s what happened to a few of the losers. Justin Kimsey, Kennewick, WA, flew from his horse, missed the steer and slid to a halt on his face. Coltin J Hill, Blackfoot, ID, also missed his steer, somehow rolling to a stop in front of the cow as it ran over him. Miguel Garcia, Kaycee, WY, had almost let go of his horse when it suddenly hit the accelerator and Garcia went flying into an upright position. And Jordan Holland, Dillon, MT, was just about to leave the chute down which the horse and steer begin the run when his horse twisted to face in the opposite direction and came to a sudden halt. And so it goes in rodeo.

Despite all that, Ross Mosher, Augusta, MT, won the event with a time of 7.5 seconds, although he limped painfully from the field. He was followed by Dane Browning, Coyote, CA, in 9.2 and Miles Switzer, Morro Bay, CA, in 15.1. Actually Switzer had the best time, 5.1 seconds, but his horse broke the barrier at the beginning of the run before the steer had cleared, giving Switzer a 10-second penalty. Bulldogging has its rules.

Bareback Riding

In Thursday’s bareback event a horse named Lunatic Clown proved perfect for Orin Larsen, Inglis, MB, as he took first with a score of 82.5. In rodeo’s bucking events the judges evaluate both the rider and the horse or bull and score each separately before totaling the points. The horse that jumps high and twists quickly will help the cowboy win. Following Larsen in second place was Justin Miller, 28, Billings, MT, with 80 on September Skies. And in third with 79, in a three-way tie, were Luke Creasy, Garland, TX, Clownin’ Around; Kaycee Field, Spanish Fork, UT, Gargamel, and Devan Reilly, Sheridan, WY, aboard Xavier Joan.

Of all of those finishers, Larsen ranks highest in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s world standings, #12 with $82,000 in winnings, followed by Miller, #13 with $80,000. Of the those in the three-way tie, Creasy, age 28, is currently ranked #28 with over $45,000 in winnings this year and Feild, 30, at #29 with $41,000. Reilly, 25, is ranked 34th with $30,000.

Larsen, 26, finished 3rd in world standings last year by winning nearly as much at the Wranglers National Finals Rodeo, $81,000, as he has won so far this year. All professional rodeo cowboys hope to make the final 15 in each event, which will earn them a berth at the WNFR, the world series of rodeo in December in Las Vegas, a rodeo that can provide a big boost in winnings and standings for the year. Because the Pendleton Round-Up is one of the last major rodeos of the season, it can serve as a critical step up for those close to the 15th spot but it’s also important for those just above 15, such as Larsen and Miller, if they are to remain in the running for the WNFR.

Calf Roping

As with bulldogging, calf roping often frustrates the competitor, as happened Thursday when only four of the 12 signed up for this event were able to rope a calf for a qualifying time. In first was a local favorite, from nearby Hermiston, OR, Brad Goodrich, the champion in the event at the Round-Up in 2004, when he also won the All Around championship here, and again in 2008. At just short of 50, Goodrich doesn’t compete with the same frequency he once did and he finished in 83rd place in 2016 with $14,852 in winnings for the year, a small part of the total of nearly $1.3 million won in his 30-year professional career with the PRCA. Goodrich is married to professional barrel racer Jodi Goodrich, who is also competing again in this year’s Round-Up.

Behind Goodrich were Jared Parke, Gooding, ID, in 12.6 seconds, and Chad Finley, Mt. Vernon, OR, in 18.2.

Breakaway Roping

In the second and final day of a new event being tried at the Round-Up, breakaway roping, Sarah Morrisey scored the fastest time, 2.7 seconds. In this event, for women only, the competitor chases and ropes a calf, which then pulls the rope until it breaks an attached string, the point at which time is called. Morrisey was followed by Danielle Jennings, Ontario, OR, 2.9 seconds, and Kellie Wiersma, Outlook, WA, at 3.0. Of the eight contestants seven managed to rope their quarry, all in or under five seconds, although Amy Woodruff, Caldwell ID, ended up at 13 with a 10-second penalty. The leader in the event over the two days was Gracie Wiersma, Kellie’s sister, also from Outlook, with a time of 2.5 seconds. Gracie competes in rodeo at nearby Walla Walla Community College while Kellie, 24, competed for the University of Arizona rodeo team.

Saddle Bronc

In the event most emblematic of Round-Up, a cowboy saddled atop a bucking horse, the best score, 80, was registered by Heith Allan DeMoss, 32, Heflin, LA, a regular at the Round-Up who is ranked #10 in the world standings with over $80,000 in winnings this year so he should be appearing at the WNFR in December. His brother, Cody, 36, ranked #3 in the standings, has won this event twice here. Heith DeMoss finished 14th in world standings last year. To date he has won 10 rodeos this year, adding to the over $1.1 million won in his 13-year professional career. Although he has yet to win a world title, he has qualified for the WNFR eight times since 2007.

Behind Heith DeMoss were three cowboys tied at 78 points each: Joe Harper, Paradise Valley, NV; Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, SD, and Layton Green, Meeting Creek, AB. Of the three, Green is the only one high enough in the world standings to make it to the WNFR, ranked #4 with over $110,000 in winnings for the year. The 23-year-old has earned over $130,000 in a four-year rodeo career and is up from his 2016 finish at 19th. He’s on a streak, having won 17 rodeos this season. As with so many rodeo competitors, his grandparents, parents and a brother have all competed in rodeo.

Team Roping

When two cowboys on galloping horses have to coordinate a roping of one steer, front and back, in as short a time as possible, the opportunities for mishaps are many, especially when the steer knows no rules. Theoretically the steer will run directly from the cowboys but in practice the steers run wherever they feel like going, even circling around toward the point where they began. This behavior can provide an enormous difference in the results for each team of competitive ropers.

On Thursday the times to complete the two-phased roping ranged from 5.5 to 13.8 seconds (this last time included a five-second penalty). Remarkably only three of the 11 competing teams failed to catch the steer in the required sequence—first head, then rear heels—for a qualifying time. The shortest time belonged to the team of Blake Teixeira, header, Tres Pinos, CA, and Monty Joe Petska, heeler, Turlock, CA. They were followed by the teams of Jake Stanley, Hermiston, OR/Brent Falon, Yakima, WA, 5.8 seconds and by McKennan Buckner, Powell Butte, OR, /Bill Justus, Haines, OR, 7.4 seconds.

Teixeira does not appear in the list of the top 50 in the standings for team roping headers but his heeler, Petska, 55, is ranked 45th, still a long way from the point where entry into the WNFR is possible. However, Petska’s younger brother, Cory, 38, who finished first as a heeler on Wednesday at the Round-Up, is ranked #1 in the event’s world standings and nearly guaranteed a spot in the WNFR. Although he has yet to win a world title at the WNFR Monty Joe has qualified for the rodeo 14 times beginning in 1985 and competed there at least three times with his father, Paul.

Bull Riding

Usually considered the most exciting, because the most dangerous, of the rough stock (Bucking) events, bull riding on Thursday at the Round-Up included the world’s top ranked PRCA bull rider, Sage Kimzey, Strong City, OK, but he didn’t fare so well at the Round-Up, finishing well down in the day’s event with a score of 72.5. The top score went to Joe Frost, Randlett, UT, ranked 6thin the standings with over $100,000 in winnings for the year.

Frost, 25, is joined by brother, Josh, 22, #23 in the event world standings. The younger Frost was 19th in 2016 while Joe Frost finished 4th. Joe Frost was followed on Thursday by a three-way tie at 82.5 points, including Ruger Piva, Challis, ID, Chase Robbins, Marsing, ID, and Riley Blankenship, Killdeer, ND. Robbins, 21, and a two-year veteran of the PRCA, finished 2016 at 23rd place in the world standings. Neither Robbins or Blankenship are currently ranked in the PRCA’s top 50 in the event while Piva is ranked #43.

Steer Roping

Only three of the 12 steer ropers on the schedule caught their steers Thursday and two managed to tie for first place. At 13.1 seconds Jason Stewart, Heppner, OR, and Quay Howard, Canyon, TX will share the honors as they move towards Saturday’s finals in the Round-Up. In second place was Todd Dickson, Madras, OR, with a time of 18.3 seconds. None of the three are in the PRCA’s top 50 in the event’s world standings.

Barrel Racing

In the Round-Up’s main women’s event, Jolene Douglas-Hoburg, Kennewick, WA, won first place with a time of 29.18 seconds, followed by Mindy Goemmer, Battle Mountain, NV, at 29.47 and Jessi Cronquist, Plain City, UT, at 29.5 seconds.

The Pendleton Round-Up continues on Friday, Sept. 15 at 1:15pm.

Leaderboard change! Joe Frost of Randlett, Utah takes the lead in the Bull Riding with a 84.5 point ride on a bull called Fire Dog. Bob Click Photo

Bull Riding

Contestant Name Score
Sage Steele Kimzey 72.5
Justin Schmitt O
Chase Dougherty O
Ruger Piva 82.5
Parker Breding O
Luke Gee O
Joe Frost 84.5
Josh Frost DR
Dalan Duncan DR
Ty Wallace 81.5
Scottie Knapp O
Dustin Bowen 75.5
Lon Danley 73.0
Wyatt Covington O
Chase Robbins 82.5
Jeff Askey NTO
Bayle Worden NTO
Trey Benton III O
Diego Benedetti O
Hawk Whitt O
Riley Blankenship 82.5

Barrel Racing

Contestant Name Time
Mindy Goemmer 29.47
Mary Shae Hays 29.62
Kristin Brashears 30.58
Jessi Cronquist 29.50
Jolene Douglas-Hoburg 29.18
Leslie Penhollow 29.73
Shelbi Thall 30.23
Lexie Goss DR
Courtney Medley 31.19
Shelli Scrivner 35.21
Brittany Rose 31.19
Jami Erwert 30.27

Saddle Bronc

Contestant Name Score
Lane Cust O
Jade Blackwell DR
Nathan Duckworth O
Dusty Hausauer 68.0
Troy Crowser 74.5
Max Filippini O
Ben Londo NTO
Ryan Mackenzie 62.0
Johnny Espeland O
Joe Harper 78.0
Chuck Schmidt 78.0
Cody DeMoss 76.0
Heith Allan DeMoss 80.0
Nat Stratton O
Call Marr O
Layton Green 78.0
Nick LaDuke 76.0
Allen Boore 77.0
Andy Clarys O
Ryan Verling O

Steer Roping

Contestant Name Time
Fred Brown 0.0
Todd Dickson 18.3
Steve Hurn 0.0
Tim Tillard 0.0
Dave Sedar 0.0
Roger Branch 0.0
Rod Hartness 0.0
Joe Talbot 0.0
Jason Stewart 13.1
Quay Howard 13.1
Joe Bartlett 0.0
Tom Sorey 0.0

Steer Wrestling

Contestant Name Time
Jacob Stacy 0.0
Justin Kimsey 0.0
Ross Mosher 7.5
Riley Krassin 0.0
Miguel Garcia 0.0
Coltin J Hill 0.0
Miles Switzer 15.1
Dane Browning 9.2
Brandon Christensen 0.0
Christian Radabaugh 0.0
Jabe Anderson III VI
Jordan Holland 0.0

Tie Down Roping

Contestant Name Time
Ty Rumford 0.0
Shane Erickson 0.0
Jared Parke 12.6
Quay Howard 0.0
Vin Fisher Jr. NTO
Russell Cardoza 0.0
Ringo Robinson 0.0
K.C. Miller 0.0
Doyle Hoskins 0.0
Chad Finley 18.2
Ryle Smith NTO
Brad Goodrich 10.7

Team Roping

Contestant Name Time
Cory Kidd V/Cole Davison 0.0
Bryce Davis/Roger Branch 8.0
Hayes Smith/Justin Davis 0.0
Riley Minor/Brady Minor 7.7
Garrett Rogers/Jake Minor 0.0
Dale Benevides/Buck McCay 8.3
Jr. Dees/Levi Lord 0.0
Blake Teixeira/Monty Joe Petska 5.5
Ivan Bigsby/Coy Thompson DO
Garrett Hale/Dave Inman 13.8
Jake Stanley/Brent Falon 5.8
McKennan Buckner/Bill Justus 7.4


Contsestant Name Score
Orin Larsen 82.5
Trenten Montero NTO
Austin Foss 77.5
Kyle Bounds DR
Denny Phipps 68
Wyatt Bloom 78.5
Luke Creasy 79
Tilden Hooper NTO
Kaycee Feild 79
Jessy Davis 78.5
Mason Clements 74
R.C. Landingham 76.5
Grant Denny 60
Zack Brown O
Cody Kiser 78.5
Taylor Broussard O
Casey Colletti NTO
Devan Reilly 79
Bill Tutor 70
Justin Miller 80
Kirk St. Clair O
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