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Tough Enough To Wear Pink

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 16, as we celebrate 15 years of TETWP at the Pendleton Round-Up!

Make sure to use the hashtag #leterbucktetwp in all your social media posts!

2021 TETWP donates $15,000 to local cancer support organizations!

2020 TETWP donates $11,000 to local cancer support organizations!

2020 Let'er Buck Cares Fund donates $10,000 to TETWP for local cancer groups!

2019 efforts raised over $25,000 for local cancer support groups!

2018 efforts raised over $34,000 for local cancer support groups!

Over the past decade, the Pendleton Round-Up Association has been an active participant in the “Tough Enough To Wear Pink” (TETWP) campaign, an initiative to raise awareness and money for breast cancer patients in our local community. Many PRCA rodeos across the country have taken up the TETWP campaign with outstanding success. Therefore the Pendleton Round-Up has designated Thursday, the second day of Round-Up as our local “Tough Enough To Wear Pink” Day. The funds raised from this event will help local breast cancer patients both during and after cancer treatment.

The concept of cowboys wearing pink may sound funny but that is what makes Tough Enough to Wear Pink so special. Pink symbolizes courage, strength and determination when the western industry comes together in the fight against breast cancer. If the most rugged and courageous of American icons, the American cowboy, can wear pink to show support and respect, ask yourself: Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink?

The TETWP campaign was the brainchild of Terry Wheatley, a breast cancer survivor and Karl Stressman, Director of Special Events for Wrangler. The campaign was launched at the 2005 National Finals Rodeo and to everyone’s surprise all but two of the contestants wore pink and a vast majority of the spectators were also wearing pink. Funds from the Pendleton Round-Up TETWP campaign goes to two local cancer support groups that support local breast cancer patients during and after cancer treatment - St. Anthony Cancer Care Clinic and the Kickin’ Cancer New Beginnings program.

We are all aware there is no one that has not been personally touched by breast cancer and we are asking the community, rodeo contestants, and sponsors all to wear pink on that Thursday of Round-Up as we look forward to raising awareness and money for our community.

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