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Permanent Ticket Information

Permanent Tickets


What events are available for permanent tickets? Round-Up, Happy Canyon, PBR, and Concert

How do I become a permanent seat holder ? Call the Pendleton Round-Up and
Happy Canyon ticket office at 541-276-2553/ 800-45-RODEO option 1. Email, or fill out the new permanent order request form and mail to Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Attn: Ticketing Manager PO Box 609 Pendleton, OR 97801

Who can I transfer my permanent tickets to? Tickets can only be transferred to immediate family members only. A transfer form must be filled out completely by the account holder(s) and or Person Representative. All transfers must be approved by the ticketing manager, before they are transferred.

How do I change my address? Change of address needs to be done on the change of address form or in writing and sent to the ticketing manager.

Move requests? We will do our best to accommodate your move requests, sometimes it takes a few years to be able to complete your move request. Complete a move request form and return it to the ticketing department, please be aware of deadlines on move request form for each of the events.

Any other questions please contact the ticketing department at 541-276-2533/ 800-45-RODEO, or by email at

*The Pendleton Round-Up & Happy Canyon reserves the right to revise the ticket policies at any time without notice.
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