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Why do the Round-Up volunteers turn out every year? The pleasure of participation, some say. Volunteers work on every aspect of the Round-Up, from directors to gate-keepers. It’s been like that since the show started in 1910. Many of the volunteers have worked at their jobs 30 years or more, and 20-year veterans are common. “Without them, you just wouldn’t have a Pendleton Round-Up worthy of its name,” one long-time observer said. It’s been estimated that volunteers work about 20,000 hours during the year for the Round-Up. In 1931, Round-Up President Henry Collins spoke for the Directors in refusing an invitation to take the Round-Up to Washington, D.C. The thought prevails yet: “It would be necessary to take the whole city of Pendleton, people and all… For the Round-Up is not just a Wild West show. It is the product of… community spirit.”

We appreciate all of our volunteers and are working hard to keep our information up-to-date. We are moving to a more online based database and correspondence system to save money, time and have fewer errors. We sincerely appreciate all of your patience in making this happen.

To change your address on file, scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the necessary form.

Pennant Bearers Wanted!

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Here are some guidelines for Pennant Bearers, please use our Volunteer form if you are interested in joining our team!


*Western type belt to be worn. *Red Cinch or Wrangler shirt purchased by the PRU Store, tucked in. *Pressed and creased Wranglers - buy long - when in saddle they should reach heel of boot. *Felt hat--please do not bend your hat after it has been shaped. Hat to be worn square on head and pinned on. If you choose to wear a helmet, it must be black. *Dark cowboy boots.

Bring rain gear to all parades, Parade Director may have extra ponchos if needed.


*Well-groomed and appropriate is a must! *Long hair should be worn pulled back off your face in ponytail or braid, etc. Short hair must be worn neatly under hat. *No sunglasses.


*All tack must be leather and it good condition. *Tack must be cleaned and polished before parade, including silver being polished. *Tan saddle pad (purchased from D&B). Keep pad in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting soiled. *Pad fits over your regular pad, do not use the pad alone, always have a thicker pad underneath. *Always bring your flag holder! Flag holder mandatory or you will not be allowed to carry flag or pennant, you may be asked to switch sides of the flag at different parades-practice both.

HORSE –If you have a kicking horse, do not bring that animal to parades! *Horse must be shod. *Horses must be cleaned before each parade.*Clip your horse’s bridle path, muzzle, throat latch and fetlocks. *Keep fly spray handy.


*Absolutely NO riding double. *Positions will be assigned at each parade. *Each rider will take 1/2 of one side of the street. *Try to stay together in an orderly fashion. *Please sit straight in your saddle. *Please try to keep your horse under control at all times. *Do not walk up on the back of another person's horse. Two horse lengths should be adequate. *If the parade stops, you must plan ahead.*Don't get yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.*Large flags will be rotated with older pennant bearers. *You will be assigned partners at parade site with someone that has a horse that is comparable in color and size to yours.



*Photos by Brian Blake

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