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Round-Up Saloons

Let 'Er Buck Room

The "The World Famous Let 'er Buck Room" is truly an icon of the Pendleton Round-Up and is home to one of the longest continuous bars in the world.

This bar serves hard alcohol only and exclusively serves HRD products.

This is a great facility will seat approximately 250 people or accommodate 600 people standing.

Located beneath the South Grandstands!

Strip'n Chute Bar

Primarily a Pendleton Whisky Saloon started in 2015.

Visit this establishment only during the Round-Up on the end of the West Grandstands walkway, grab a drink and head back to your seat!

Section DD Bar

The addition in our East End Renovations, 2016 brought a new Saloon the "Section DD Bar" is between the 1910 Room and section CC, in, as you guessed it...the old Section DD! Many locals will call this the 'Turn and Burn' because of the amazing view of the 3rd Barrel as the ladies barrel racers turn for the home stretch.

This bar is standing room only-keep walking around the East end until you reach the "Section DD", look for our flag pole, and you'll find your way!
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